Kim Bannister Photography Kamzang Journeys

Kim Bannister Photography Kamzang Journeys

The concept for Kamzang Journeys was created over a decade ago, and has been going strong ever since. Kamzang Journeys is a trekking, bicycling and adventure travel company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I love to be in the mountains, trekking through remote villages, camping with nomads and in the wilderness, so personally lead (along with Lhakpa Dorji Sherpa) most of our 'Featured Treks' in Nepal, the Indian Himalaya, Tibet, Bhutan, with an occassional trip to Burma and Mongolia.

The Kamzang Fund was founded around the same time, a small non-profit which helps to education Himalayan children, provide medical aid for villagers, aided with the 2015 Nepal earthquake and more. The goal of Kamzang Journeys to bring real adventure travel in a boutique style to our trekkers, show-casing indigenous design and cultures, and dedicated to giving travelers a deeper insight into the Himalaya and its diverse peoples.

Kamzang World Design needs a new website. Stay tuned.

I grew up in the USA and completed my education by traveling the world for many years, several times over. I now spend most of my time in the Himalayas in our yellow and orange Kamzang dining tent, always scenically set!

My passion is photography, and in this gallery space I have documented my Himalayan travels + trips over the past few years. All of the Kamzang Journeys trips will be up soon.